i need help with a 3 page history paper

Other than James Madison, write about a person that was a member of the _x000D_
Constitutional Convention of 1787 whom you believe had the greatest impact _x000D_
upon the finished document. Develop the impact that person had within your _x000D_
Your paper should be three pages in length, typed and double spaced. _x000D_
A bibliography of at least three sources is required, with a separate _x000D_
reference page showing sources used for this assignment. _x000D_
No cover pages, or titles are needed. See syllabus for other writing _x000D_
guidelines.  _x000D_
You should use examples and supporting evidence for the arguments made within _x000D_
your paper. _x000D_
Be sure to proofread your paper for grammar and spelling mistakes prior to _x000D_
submitting it._x000D_
Do not use Wikipedia or .com sources in your paper as discussed in your course_x000D_
syllabus and in class. _x000D_


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