info system security questions


The book you might need :

Chapter 3 The questions:

1- List both a UNIQUE advantage and disadvantage to the U.S. Laws of Interest to Information Security Professionals. Make sure to include a summary of the Law. You may use the same law but the advantage and disadvantage needs to be unique.

2- List an UNIQUE way to protect yourself from Identity Theft and comment on two other postings under this forum.

     the two other posting you need to just put comment on them are:


A unique way to protect yourself from Identity Theft is to always watch for “Shoulder-surfers”. These are people who will look over your shoulder while at the ATM or anywhere to get your PIN number or anything they can get. To prevent this always work quickly while at ATMS or making transactions in public places and always cover the key pad with your hand when typing in your PIN.



Identity theft is a growing concern considering that the FTC “estimates that as many as nine million Americans” are at risk (Whitman, pg. 93). One unique way to protect your identity is too keep track of paperwork containing exclusive information about you including bills, bank statements, checks, credit reports and much more. As humans we accumulate a lot of paper containing our name and address, if it is retrieved by the wrong people our identity is at risk. Best way to protect your identity is to shred such paperwork before throwing it away and to keep track of important documents such as your birth certificate.  

Whitman, M., & Herbet, M. (2012). Principles of security . (4 ed.). Boston, ma: Course Technology.

What IT organization would be most advantageous to join? What SIG would you be most interested in joining with the ACM? Note: See External Links, Organizations….

        here is the external links:

4- Give one unique example of an RFID applied usage.


Chapter 4 Questions:

1- Explain how to know yourself and/or to know your enemy.

2- You may find using concrete examples of weighted factor analysis from an unrelated topic useful if this concept is not familiar to students. For example, what factors are considered when buying a new car? How much weight is each factor given?

3- Give an example of an operational, technical, and political feasibility analysis.

4- Give examples of each of the five risk control strategies: defend, transference, mitigation, acceptance, & termination.


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