Internatinal Environment Law.

Internatinal Environment Law.


What are the legal as well as moral implications of the principle of equity? Do es it imply that the more affluent North

(developed countries) has a moral responsibility to assist the poorer South (developing countries) in achieving sustainable development? Do
you thinkthat North should reduce its own consumption in orderto allow the South to consume a more equitable share ofthe Earth’s
natural resource s? Doesthis moral basis underlie the concept of common but differentiated responsibilities asfound in Principle 7 of Rio
Declaration on Environment and Development 1992 which is as follows:

States shall cooperate in a spirit of global partnership to

conserv e, protect and restore the health and integrity ofthe Earth’s ecosystem. In view ofthe different contributions to global
environmental de radation, States have common but differentiated responsibilities. The developed countries acknowledge the responsibility
that they bear in tae international pursuit to sustainable development in view of the pre ssurestheir societies place on the global
environment and of the technologies and financial re sourcesthey command’.

Explain your answer with relevant principles and


Please include a Reference List (Harvard Style)


There are strict formatting requirements with which

students are required to comply. The unit coordinator reserves the right to refuse to mark assignments that are not submitted in accordance
with formatting requirements:

Do not manipulate the margins ofthe page.
Conform to a standard size and type of font such as
11.5-12 pointfonts in Calibri,
Arial or Times New Roman.
Assignments must be one and a half spaced or double spaced.
Ensure your
full name and student number appears on the footer of each page.
Number all pages consecutively.
Students must use footnotes in

accordance with the AGLC.

For referencing with Harvard in text, please ensure the page number of the article(s) is put. for cases please

ensure the full case in citation not just the name +the paragraph number it comesfrom.

The actual Essay needsto only be 2500 long the

extra 250 words is fro the reference list!

Hopefullg: the attachments help out // there are some lecture sides/but there are also from

articles treaties.

Please reference the last essay that you did was great and this is very similarto the last one in terms of

structure, etc.


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