Interviewing an Entrepreneur

This short information report is about interviewing an entrepreneur (founder/owner of a company) who is an owner of a small company in Orange County, California, United State of America and pretend as if you are going to give this report back to the entrepreneur. The entrepreneur MUST be located in ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA. The paper should be written in an APA format and please REFER to the prompt with all the information needed for the paper, such as format, outline, etc. Brief instructions: The report should tie in with what you discussed with the entrepreneur about their company/organization. Also, you need to cite 10 secondary sources that support their business ideas and strategies and support their ideas discussed with you in the interview. Moreover, WRITE IN THIRD PERSON. This paper consist of 5 parts: PART 1 is about interviewing the Entrepreneur, PART 2 is about Reserching and gathering information helpful to the entrepreneur, PART 3 Title page in APA format (1 page only), PART 4 (3 pages minimum) is about composing an APA short informational report addressed to the person you interviewed. ONE PAGE SHOULD be a short update that focuses on what the entrepreneur discussed, and AT LEAST TWO PAGES SHOULD discuss three noteworthy news items, such as competition, recent activities, etc- anything you feel is necessary for this business, which ties in to the answers your entrepreneur gave you in the interview, PART 5 is about compiling a reference list in standard APA format containing at least 10 secondary resources related to the subject. The Guideline of this Final Research Packet consists of three things related to the parts provided above. First, Title page (1page). Second, Report providing researched/ useful information on your chosen company (3 Pages). Third, Reference List of at least 10 entries relevant to your chosen company. Further, REFER to the POSSIBLE OUTLINE PROVIDED IN THE UPLAUDED FILE as well as going through the whole file before writing the report. MAKE SURE THAT THE PAPER FOLLOWS AND MATCHES ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS PROVIDED ON THE UPLUDED FILE AND HERE PLEASE.




The post Interviewing an Entrepreneur appeared first on Term Paper Tutors.

The post Interviewing an Entrepreneur first appeared on Term Paper Tutors.


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