journal 1 chapter 1 journal 2 chapter 2 journal 3 chapter 20 journal 4 chapter 13

IWhat to Include

I’m looking for two main components in each entry:

  • First, take a paragraph or so to give a concise overview of what you have read. I’d rather see you choose just a few important points from the text to describe rather than try to summarize everything only superficially.
  • Second, include a paragraph reacting to and/or applying that information, for example, how the information applies to your field, future work, or past experience.
  • Please make sure to use that book cuz your not gonna be able to work with out it it’s required. The book is : The text for the course will be Richard Johnson-Sheehan’s textbook Technical Communication Today, 6th edition
    – The teacher is so struck so please make sure about everything and make it clear. This is a major class so I need an A in these assignment. Make sure to make every assignment in different paper and different file I need every one of these 4 assignment to be in different file by it self cuz I’ll submit it every one of them by it self. • I’ll but an example dawn of assignment that receive the full grade. To help you understand what I’m looking for. Please no copy from the internet I trust you. I need a word document and PDF from each one. Send it to my email I need it by 6 am.
    Thanks. Here’s an example of a journal entry that earned full credit:
    “Chapter 17 of “Technical Communication Today” provides information on letters and memos, including: how to differentiate one from the other, the various types of each, and how to properly format them. Perhaps the most important aspect regarding the two is that letters are written to those outside of the workplace while memos are used to communicate with coworkers. When you write a letter in a professional setting, you are acting as a representative of the company you work for. The style and tone you take in the writing will make an impression on the reader. Oftentimes, things we say to our coworkers would be not be appropriate for others outside the company to know, and this idea must be kept in mind when writing.”I found the most relevant section of the chapter for me to be the style of writing. The style can be essential in conveying information to the reader, and how they respond can be largely dependent on how you wrote the letter or memo. I think this is important for me to remember as I move forward in my career because, with today’s technology, communication is instantaneous. In seconds, a letter or memo that is written can spread through a company or multiple organizations. If that writing is poorly constructed or has an offensive tone to it, there can be severe consequences for the writer and the company represented. When working on the assigned letter this week, I am setting a goal for myself to avoid using bureaucratic phrasing. It does not sound appropriate when read aloud and can complicate information and statements. Sounding bureaucratic has been a problem of mine in the past because I felt that the larger the words I used, the better my writing was. However, I realize that is not the case, and it may have the opposite effect on my readers.”


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