Journal Article Review / Subject: Sport Psychology DUE 4/8/2018


Students will complete and submit two journal article reviews during the

semester. This assignment will require referenced sources and research on a

specific topic that you choose.  One easy method to decide on a specific idea

would be to simply select a chapter topic; such as “motivation, team or

group cohesion, rehabilitating an injury, etc.”  Additionally, a rubric will be

provided for this assignment in class and in the documents section of


Students should note:

1.  A list of acceptable journals can be found on page 7 of your textbook and include, but are not limited to:

International Journal of Sport Psychology

Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology

The Sport Psychologist

Sport and Exercise Psychology Review

2.  The two reviews must be out of different journals.

3.  You should be able to find these journals online and in hard copy through the TAMUC library.

4.  For each summary include a title page (1 point), plus:

a.  the theme of the article (2 points)

b.  strengths and weaknesses (10 points)

c.  personal reflection about the article (10 points)

d.  properly cite the article in APA format (2 points)

5.  Each summary should be 3 pages in length, single sided, and double spaced.

6.  Journal reviews are due on the dates indicated in the Calendar and Schedule Section at the end of this syllabus.

7.  Journal Reviews will not be presented in class they simply need to be submitted using dropbox in the eCollege system.

 *APA style and format only! It should be submitted via the drop box in eCollege Pearson LearningStudio. Please see the schedule and calendar at the end of this syllabus for the due date for this assignment. *A Rubric for this assignment will be made available on-line in the documents section on eCollege Pearson LearningStudio.


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