Journal Entry #4 – Identity

Please answer the following in this week’s journal entry.  There are two parts to this journal entry.  You must have at least 350 words written in this journal entry.Total Points Possible:  50For this Module 4, Unit 4, in complete sentences, discuss all of the different ways in which you can tell someone is a member of your cultural/ethnic group.  In your mind, what is necessary for one to be an authentic member of your cultural/ethnic group (e.g., knowledge of the group, language fluency, geographic residency in the country for at least 4 years . . .)?  Provide reasons and discuss.In addition, share any insights you gained from any of the video snapshots included in this Week 4, Unit 4.Snapshot #1 on Identity: CNN’s In America Website #2 on Identity: Third Culture Identity Video #3: Cultural Identity in the UK and Mexican American Cultural Identity Video Clips #4: Cultural Identity and Adoption (Links to an external site.)*In this link, there will be a listing of Youtube episodes about a Korean American male  — Dan Matthews who was adopted into a White/European American family — who reconnects with his Korean family in Korea.  The series was fascinating — please watch all the episodes!


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