**KIM WOODS** wk3 question 2

What is the first step in constructing a survey?Determine types of questions.Identify the intended outcome to be analyzed.Prepare a sample survey to conduct a pilot study.Select or write items that fit the research objective.


Instructions: (a) From the list of 4 options above, please select the one you believe is the first step in constructing a survey. Support your opinion about the one option selected by including information from the chapter in our text by Cozby and Bates (2015). (b) Then, summarize an illustration of that first step that you found in your example from research ( related to your topic of interest within the field of psychology). Cite the source from research that you are using to support your opinion.


The participation rubric is in the Instructor Policy document referred to in my Welcome message.  Word count range: 100-300 excluding citations of your sources.




Cozby, P. C. and Bates, S. C. (2015). Methods in behavioral research. (12th Ed). 


     Vital Source ebook retrieved from UOPX ecampus, Psyc 610 –


     Research Methods website.


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