leadership research paper 6

You will complete a research paper over the course of Units 2 through 7. Your paper should analyze the effects of culture on leadership, consider the impact that the interaction between culture and leadership has had on society, as well as the personal impact the effects of this leadership style has made on you.


    • A minimum of 7-10 pages in length
      • Excluding the cover sheet and bibliography pages
      • Must include a title page, an outline, and a bibliography
    • Written in APA format
    • Have at least four peer-reviewed or high-quality sources, which should be sources not covered in the course (i.e., not the textbook).
      • Search for published, preferably peer-reviewed articles. Citations from blog postings, Wikipedia, or similar other low quality sources are not acceptable.
      • Park University Library provides access to EBSCO, JSTOR, PsycInfo and other databases
      • You may also reference journals like Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review, Academy of Management Review, Personnel Psychology, and Journal of Applied Psychology; as well as trade press like Fortune, Business Week, FastCompany, Inc., etc.
    • Well-formatted
      • double-spaced
      • typed using Courier New font (12 point)
      • one-inch margins


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