lesson 03 cap gemini essay

Cap Gemini Essay

Answer the questions as directed below in a total of 500-750 words.

  1. Examine the Cap Gemini Case 3.1. (Briscoe et al., p. 87), and discuss specific challenges and issues presented for HR/ER approaches, such as staffing or employee communications in the different countries. When presenting your arguments, you are encouraged to use insights that you feel are relevant from the reading assignments.
  2. Provide your response to EITHER (a) OR (b) below:
    1. Supposing Cap Gemini would expand into Arab Gulf region, in reference to Sidani and Al Ariss (2014) and Khan (2011). What does that mean for specific HR/ER practices?
    2. Compare the U.S. business context at Cap Gemini for HR/ER with Germany’s business context in reference to the video in Lesson 03.


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