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Stem cells are the basis for every organ and tissue in our bodies.  We continually rely on stem cells to replace and rejuvenate tissues lost every day, such as hair, blood, and skin.  Stem cells have two important properties: self-renewal (making copies) and differentiation, which lead to the cells that make up our organ and tissue systems.

Completing this activity will assist you in mastering Module Level Outcome 1.


  1. Review
    • Understanding Stem Cells [PDF, file size 974 KB] from the National Academies
    • Stem Cell Facts [PDF, file size 360.11 KB] from the International Society for Stem Cell Research
  2. View
    • What are stem cells? [Video file, 04:10 minutes] – Craig A. Kohn

Next, submit the following:

  • Download a copy of the therapeutic value of stem cells worksheet [doc, file size 44.5 KB] in a Word document format, complete all of the questions, and then save and submit it.  

You are also encouraged to do your own research through our library on the topic. Do not forget to include in-text citations and complete APA style references for all sources


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