Manipulating One-Dimensional Arrays

Allows user to enter numbers into an array of 20 integers. The numbers are inputted in such a way that the array is  kept sorted. The array may or may not be filled up. Include an error message to indicate a full array (e.g., “Cannot  accommodate any more inputs. The array is full.”).

If the user does not want to continue entering numbers (or if the array is full), segregate the numbers into two (2)  other arrays, which means you will be manipulating three (3) arrays in this program. The second array will contain  all even numbers, while the third array will have all odd numbers. Note that the first array contains the original  sorted data. Also, determine and output the largest and the smallest numbers in each array, the sum, and the average.

Make use of structured/modular programming. This means that it is expected that you will

1. make use of parameter passing by value and with reference (using pointers), and

2. reuse your functions (by calling them again but with different values passed to the parameters)

I will be adding 3 screenshots (specifications) so that it will be easy to understand it. For anyone helping, it would so grateful, thank you in advance <3

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