Marketing and Communication Plan

Marketing and Communication Plan
paper instructions:
In the role of a health care manager, for the final project you will develop and write a comprehensive marketing and communication plan for your fictitious health care organization. The final project will be divided into four parts:
1.Health Care Organization Profile (Due Module 2)
2.Communication Plan
3.Marketing Plan
4.Community Collaboration Plan

For Part 2 of the final project, you are to develop communication strategies and write a communication plan for your health care organization.

Part 2, the Communication Plan should include the following components:
1.Types of internal and external communication networks
2.Stakeholder analysis
3.Media methods
4.Tag lines, logos, photos, etc.
5.Letterhead, newsletters, etc.

For Part 3 of the final project, you are to conduct a market analysis for your health care organization and develop a marketing plan. The market analysis should aIDress the following:
1.External environmental analysis
2.Internal environmental analysis
3.Strategic choice and strategic goals
4.SWOT analysis
5.How will marketing initiatives involve cross-functional team members?
6.How and when will marketing strategies be evaluated?

For Part 4 of the final project, you are to develop a community outreach plan for your health care organization. The community outreach plan should answer the following questions:
1.What methods will be used to engage the attention of and involve community members in the accomplishment of your organization’s goals?
2.How will community diversity issues be aIDressed?


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