Media Reflection Assignment

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2. Media Assignment [20%] Note that there is a Rubric on iLearn in relation to this assessment you should use the material in this Assessment Guide to assist in an understanding of your task and to assist in your understanding of the Rubric. Task: Prepare an analysis of a current (published after 1 January 2021) Australian newspaper/media article that relates to an aspect (topic, area, issue) of the material covered from Lecture 4 (Week 4) forward (maximum length 1000 words). [for instance, pick an article about a director breaching their duties; or a company going into voluntary administration; or a shareholder class action; or a takeover; or insider trading; or insolvent trading ] This assessment (your written analysis only, not the actual newspaper/media article) must be submitted via iLearn/Turnitin by 5pm 30/04/2021 Friday (in Week 8 of session). No extensions will be granted. There will be a deduction of 10% of the total available marks made from the total awarded mark for each 24 hour period or part thereof that the submission is late (for example, 25 hours late in submission 20% penalty). This penalty does not apply for cases in which an application for Special Consideration is made and approved. Note: Students should individually select articles – this is an individual assignment. In the information re the Final Exam below you will note that one question in the Final Exam will concern one of 5 articles to be posted on iLearn. Note that students are not to use any of these 5 articles posted on iLearn for the purposes of the Media Assignment. To succeed in this assessment the article must be current (as defined above) and your analysis concise, showing the relationship between the article and an aspect of the unit. This assessment involves elements of critical thinking: issues raised in the article are to be articulated, analysed and thereafter interpreted in the light of the unit content. Particulars of the Assignment: What is expected Peruse business pages of newspapers such as the Sydney Morning Herald, the Age, or the Australian Financial Review or news sites such as ABC News during the currency of the unit (you can use Factiva through the Library to do this) and choose an article that relates to one (or more) of the aspects (topics, areas, issues) dealt with in the material covered from Lecture 4 (Week 4) forward (the article can be found either in the hardcopy press or online) it must be an Australian based publication because you are commenting on Australian law. How marks are allocated See the Rubric – Your ability to identify/align/ relate/ apply appropriate unit content (law) to the issues raised by the relevant article is an important part of your assignment. Assignments that achieve this in a clear and concise manner will receive higher marks. Simply summarising an article, or simply reciting the law without relating it to the issues arising in the article, will not receive high marks. You should analyse the article having regard to the area(s) of law it raises you are using the issues raised in the article to highlight how the law applies. Marking procedure marking of your assignment will be carried out by your tutor marks will be entered into Grades in iLearn and will be available when all assignments have been marked and entered. ***Following are examples of factors that will indicate higher order performance in relation to your Media Assignment: Choosing an appropriate article The article must focus on an issue or issues that have a direct relationship to the unit content from Lecture 4 forward; it must be published by a reputable source such as an established newspaper (not a legal blog); it should be of appropriate length (very short or very long articles should be avoided). The first paragraph of your assignment must summarise, clearly and succinctly, the content of the article you have chosen (including title, source and date) Ability to identify/relate relevant law to the issue(s) raised in the article Following a short summary of the article chosen the assignment must show evidence of the articulation of the relevant issues and law, an analysis of those issues having regard to the relevant law, and an interpretation of the relationship between the issues evident in the article and the relevant law A clear, ordered and concise assignment The assignment must be typed (font must be easily readable and of adequate size for example, Times New Roman 12), single spaced and include a cover sheet including your  If you copy directly from a source use inverted commas . Your tutor must be able to easily understand what the article is about from your summary and must be able to easily see how you have used the relevant law to explain the issues that arise from the article

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