Medical Technology Improvements

Medical Technology Improvements


This week’s topic is based on the impacts of the Industrial Revolution on your future career fields. The Industrial Revolution was marked by innovation and rapid improvement in factories, technology, and business. In aIDition to pondering how the Industrial Revolution impacted your career field, we invite you to think about the impact of the Industrial Revolution on the working class, the corporation, the country, and the economy today.

The history of medicine has been an interesting work in progress. Medicine is not always an exact science though with the help of technology it is becoming increasingly so. In the 1700’s and 1800€²s, medicine in the United States often relied on spiritual healing, herbs, and outdated ideas. In 1895, the x-ray was invented. This changed the course of medicine because doctors could get a better picture of the condition of the body.

For this paper, please research the evolution of technology in medicine. You may want to watch the below video on Artemis, a new technology that enables a doctor to see a 3-D image of a person’s organ, helping them to operate more effectively. Or you can choose your own medical technology to research. Then write in response to one or more of the questions below the video link.

Define the implications of the new technology you researched? What does it mean for medicine, patients, and your career field? ( My career field is Medical Assistant)

What is the responsibility of a professional in your field to stay current with developing technology?

How do challenges like monetary costs impact you personally and your field generally?

Compare the computing industry to the health care industry and describe how they can work together to continue to improve medicine; using examples, explain your position on why you think that is the case.

Assignment Requirements

One-two pages, double spaced content (excluding the title page and references).
Title Page
One inch margins
12 point font (Arial or times new roman)
In-text citations and a reference page for all references used. You must include at least one primary source (Textbook, ProQuest, Googlescholar, etc).



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