Module 10 discussion: calendaring and budgeting

Need help with the Gantt chart – already have data/information needed 

Examine a local annual event and identify what publics are being targeted. Put together a Gantt chart for preparations and tactics. What are all the elements of the event, including partnerships, media and collateral materials?

Annual Event: SOBE Food and Wine Festival

Start Date: 5/20/2021, End Date: 5/23/2021

Public: Miami, Adults and Children (Ages 12+)

Strategy: Raise Comcast’s local consumer engagement in an interactive manner.


#1: Promote Comcast’s involvement with SOBEWFF on social media platforms and local television networks.

#2: Host in-person giveaways and raffles at SOBEWFF.

#3: Partner with local celebrities/influencers to promote the event and Comcast’s new and reliable broadband services.

Elements of the SOBE Food and Wine Festival

Collateral Material(s): 

  • Exhibition Stands
  • Venue
  • Local Advertisements 
  • Giveaway Prizes


  • Digital Advertisements
  • Digital Newsletters


  • Sponsors (Celebrities/Influencers)
  • Univisión; Telemundo
  • The Food Network and Cooking Channel

Look online and make some phone calls to estimate the cost of the tactics identified for the above event. Categorize the budgetary items by public to determine a cost per public. Identify where the organizers might have negotiated discounts or contributions and where partnerships have mitigated the cost.

Expenses and Budgeting

  • Local Ads (~$500 to ~$1000 per Ad).
  • Digital Ads ($10,000+)
  • Sponsors (~$10,000 to ~$50,000 per influencer).
  • $5,000 Worth in Giveaway Prizes.

Assignment based on Chapter 10 – I will include the text book 

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Only need help with Gantt Chart – Thank you