music paper 01

The detailed writing instruction is post in the attached file. Check.

Must use ONE SONG choose from the list, (see attached file).

Do not use other song not from the list. Choose ONLY ONE song from the list!!!!

1. Which piece of music are you analyzing in this worksheet? (Give full name of composer and title.)

2. In what year was this piece of music composed?

3. To which stylistic period of musical development does this piece belong (Renaissance, Baroque, etc.)?

4. Describe the instruments and voices (if any) used in this music, and what that tells about the historical period in which this music was produced. Is the music mostly monophonic, polyphonic, homophonic, or some combination of these? (50 words min)

5. Does this music contain text (yes/no) and, if so, in what language is the text? If there is text, what is the source of the text (where does it come from)? If there is no text, is there a programmatic meaning associated with this piece despite the lack of text? (50 words max)

6. Describe one of the most significant musical characteristics of this piece of music and how it contributes to the listening experience? (100 words min)

7. In what social setting would this piece of music have typically been performed in its time (public concert? wedding? church? Informal gathering? etc), and what do we hear in this music that reflects that social setting? (100 words max)

8. What is the musical texture heard in this piece of music (large ensemble? solo? Duo? Etc) and how does that reflect the social setting of this music? (100 words)

9. Describe one or two of the most significant ways in which this musical example differs from the style of music you typically listen to. (50 words min)


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