Names Report

MY NAME IS ROSE MARIE WILSON3 Names  X 4 Details for each Name:a) NAME b) Concise Meaning c)(Language of Origin) d)Source: the URL (the full www Address)Start your research on these reliablewebsites:❖ ❖❖❖❖ ❖❖❖ (See what you can learn for free; but don’t pay themjust for this assignment.)If thereliablewebsitesabove don’t suffice, then search the wider www. Avoidjunk sources such thepeople (probably your parents) who named youwhat they intended& ask them for the sourcesof their choices.If you have a compound name, then split it up & research each part.If you don’t have a middle name,then borrow some name from 1 of your family members.You must report on 3 namesto earn full credit.Keep pushing the hyperlinks. Do not stop searching for the meaningswhen you find pages that say things like: “son of Pedro” or “Latinformof Mary.”Take the advice of Salt-N-Pepa: Push it.Keep pushing the hyperlinks until you uncover the meaning.Remember that we are searching for the concise meaning of each of your 3 names, notthe spelling.Oftentimes,vowels have been switched overthe generations, especially when people immigrated. Often the letter “d”is used at the beginning of a name to signify “from”in theromance languages that are derived from Latin.Likewise,the prefixes “o”& “mc”& “mac”also mean “from”or “descendant of”when they appear atthe beginningof Celtic names.1-Your 1stName:2-Concise Definition(s) of your1stName:3-Language(s)of Origin of your1stName:4-URL(s) of your Source(s) regarding your 1st Name:5-Your Middle Name:6-Concise Definition(s) of your Middle Name:7-Language(s) of Origin of yourMiddleName:8-URL(s) of your Source(s) regarding your MiddleName:9-Your Surname:10-Concise Definition(s) of your Surname:11-Language(s) of Origin of yourSurname:12-URL(s) of your Source(s) regarding your Surname:


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