I wrote an argument and when I submitted it to my prof. he said that I need to revise it and focus more on my audience.

I need someone who can make my paper stronger and I am not just talking about the grammar mistakes.

I am talking about the quality of the paper and how well the audience will understand my argument.

** I have attached my argument (word document) and the three articles I used to write the paper.

** Here are what the professor requested:

Part 1:

Read the attached word document and revise the argument with explicit focus on increasing its appeal to your audience. For example, where the first paper you might have begun with your reasons for supporting your point, in this paper you might want to address/state the warrants (assumptions) that your audience may need to know and agree with before can listen to your perspective. The purpose of this revision is not to simply “add” more information to your paper. Rather, I’m really wanting you to be mindful of how to make your paper more rhetorically sound.

Part 2:

At the end of the paper, include a 250-300 word reflection explaining the choices you made in your revision. Describe to me the changes you made and explain how or why these changes are intended to enhance your argument’s effectiveness at moving its audience. You need to be very specific as to why you made some changes.

**Please be sure to read first and understand what the prof. is looking for.

I appreciate the help. Thank you.


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