Nursing Leadership Models and Styles

As a nurse leader, it is important to understand a variety of leadership models and styles. This will help you adapt to different settings and apply strategies to support and inspire others. It may also be necessary to apply models in different professional settings to satisfy certification requirements.

Part I: Graphic Organizer

Research 5 leadership models and styles. One model must be transformational leadership.

Design a graphic organizer to compare servant leadership with the other models. Consider how these models or styles bring about organizational, team, or individual change or growth. How do leaders implement each of the models and how do they fit with a leader who uses a combination of transformational & servant leadership style?

Part II: Personal Model of Leadership Paper

Write a 1,000 word paper about:

  1. How can you use a combination of servant leadership and transformational leadership in nursing?
  2. How does transformational leadership compare to the models used in the graphic organizer?
  3. How is transformational leadership similar to servant leadership and what areas are they different?

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