Online activity: “the history of god”

Part 1 (Links to an external site.)

Part 2A History of God 2-7 (Links to an external site.)A History of God 2-7

Part 3:A History of God 4-7 (Links to an external site.)A History of God 4-7

Part 4: (Links to an external site.)

1. According to the video, does the idea of God change throughout time? 

2. Were the patriarchs purely monotheistic? Why?

3. Based on what you have learned in the video, what type of relationship did God have with Abraham and Jacob? How did it change throughout time?

4. What is the example given in the video of “Mysterium Tremendum and Fascinas” that appears in the book of Exodus?

5. The video states that the history of Exodus brings the realization that God is what type of God? Why?

6. When and why did prophets appear in the Bible?

7. What does “Christos” mean?

8. What event ended up proving that Jesus is the Son of God?

9. In the Bible Jesus is portrayed differently. When he is portrayed as “logos”, what is he portrayed as?

10. When was it declared in the Christian world that Jesus was fully divine?

11. How do Muslims feel God’s presence?

12. What is the Tawheed?

13. In the Qura’n, Jews and Christians are referred as what?

14. What similarities and differences do you see on the conception of the divine in Judaism, Islam, and Christianity?

15. How does the monotheistic god, or the conception of god in monotheistic religions, differs (or not) from the conception of the divine in polytheistic religions? Feel free to use specific examples to illustrate and justify your answer.


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