Opinion/Persuasion Essay

Marvel vs DC Persuasive Essay Outline

Topic​: why marvel is better than dc

Thesis​: Marvel is better than DC because Marvel has a bigger universe, doesn’t repeat the same origin storyline, and has a more diverse audience.

Point 1​: Marvel plans their movies years in advance for how each character’s stories will all align in the end. For example: endgame and they’re currently planning phase 4 and 5.

Point 2​: Marvel is adding new characters like Shang-Chi, Thena, Black Knight and many more to expand their universe and to add more diversity while DC stuffs their characters all in one movie like Batman vs Superman and the most diverse DC has ever gotten was adding actress Halle Berry, a black woman, to portray Catwoman or come up with Batwoman which is the opposite gender of Batman and is portrayed by Ruby Rose, genderfluid women.

Point 3​: It feels like DC is rushing their universe and putting out too many superheroes all at once to keep up with Marvel’s storyline.

Point 4​: DC stories focus too much about batman and superman’s origin story

Point 5​: Marvel has superheroes of all races and sexuality which brings in people who can relate to these characters on a personal level. Examples: black panther, falcon, luke cage, valkyrie, loki and captain marvel.

Point 6​: Marvel is more realistic. You can see these things happening in real life besides having super power while DC is more imaginary. Their superheroes are seen as aliens.

Point 7​: Marvel casts actors to play certain characters and stays with them as the cinematic universe comes together while DC switches out actors for all their movies. Example: RDJ has portrayed Ironman for nearly two decades but DC has had over 3 different actors portrayed Batman (Christian Bale, Ben Afflack, and now Robert Pattison)

Conclusion​: Having more diversity, origin stories and having actors who relate to these superheroes can make a cinematic universe better than repeat the same old basic stories. Marvel knows how to keep their audience happy that makes them wanna come back and watch these movies more or pick up a comic book and read about it.


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