Research Paper

Make sure to include the following: Title Page Abstract Introduction Methods Results Discussion References

Things to Remember:  The paper must be written in APA style.  If you do not write in APA style I will not read the paper and you will receive an F. You must use Peer Reviewed Journal Articles.  Popular publications such as Magazines and/or Newspapers do not count towards the minimum 4 journal articles.  DO NOT USE QUOTATION MARKS.  You must write your own paper and not just copy someone else’s work. Keep your Journal articles.  If I have questions about your paper I may ask to see them.  I have uploaded guides and sample papers under the modules section of Canvas. Do not just copy and past my phrases below into your final paper, because I have not proofread everything. Make sure to be as detailed as possible, especially for your Methods section. 

Topic 2: Examining the relationship between gender and acceptability of using a dating application. The study was examining the relationship between an individuals gender and whether they found dating applications to be socially acceptable. We predicted that an individuals gender would have an influence on whether they found it to be acceptable or not The hypothesis should appear at the end of your introduction For the data you analyzed and sent to yourself, make sure that is included in the Participants section of your research paper. Make sure to include the number of participants YOU gathered data for, their average age and standard deviation and gender make up. Also make sure to include how many individuals said if they used a dating application or not. An analysis looked at the relationship between gender and acceptability of using a dating application. Results were not significant, with no relationship found [χ2(1,n=209)=3.037,p>.05]. Specifically men and women showed no distinction in their acceptance of using dating applications.




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