patient confidentiality 350 words

Part I: Confidentiality and Patient’s RightsIn your opinion.Why do you think that confidentiality is such an important part of patient rights? Give an example, either professional or personal, which illustrates why this right is so important to protect.Part II: Using Ethical Frameworks to Make DecisionsApply what you know.The readings provide an overview of two ethical frameworks to use in decision-making in the healthcare setting. Let’s unpack the ethical dilemma(s) presented in the emerging genre of real-time hospital dramas. In one of the first episodes of a real-time hospital drama, a wife allegedly initially found out about her husband’s death when she watched an episode of a real-time hospital drama in which his death was televised. Although his face was blurred out, his wife was able to recognize him in the episode.Let’s look at an episode of a real-time hospital drama. You can choose any episode that you wish, below is just a sample of one. Episodes can be found in many areas including Hulu and Amazon Prime.Television Series: Boston Med. (2010). Season 1 Episode 08.(Summary) (Links to an external site.)(Transcripts) (Links to an external site.)I’ll guide us through our questions. We will discuss the questions as a group, starting with the first question:Decide with your classmates what are the ethical dilemmas presented in this type of series? Consider in your answer the initial episode where the man’s death was allegedly televised.Discuss who are the stakeholders? Remember to consider individuals, families, communities, and organizations in your answer.Come to a consensus on what your recommendations would be to address the ethical dilemmas that you, as a class, have identified. Consider and include each applicable component below in your response:Ethical principlesEthical theoriesPYTHON principleSix step process (Doherty & Purtilo) for ethical decision-makingLaws pertaining to confidentiality and/or patient rights


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