Persuasive Topic Report

M11 Discussion: Persuasive Topic Report

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This is where you will tell the class what you intend to do your Persuasive Speech about, and how you will get your topic approved by your instructor. You MUST have your topic approved BEFORE you may submit your speech, therefore if you decide later to change your topic after it has been approved, you should contact your instructor for approval.

Respond to this discussion and copy and paste the following prompts into it so you can be sure to provide all the required information.


Rationale: (why did you choose this topic?)

General Purpose: To persuade.

Specific Purpose:

Central Idea:

Ideas for MAIN POINTS (at least three):






Ideas for VISUAL AIDS:



M12 Discussion: Critically thinking about Persuasion

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Read through the handout  Persuasive Theory Supplement . Then respond to this discussion and answer the questions below. Be sure to comment on at least 2 classmates’ posts in order to receive full credit.

1. Make a list of at least 10 persuasive tactics – things you’ve done to persuade other people, or things other people have done to try to persuade you. For example if you go into a clothing store and try on a jacket and the salesperson tells you it looks great on you – complimenting is the persuasive tactic.

2. Go back through your list again and label each item as either coactive, combative or expressivistic (see the Persuasive Theory Supplement).

3. Think about the motivational appeals in regards to your own persuasive speech. How you do you think you might incorporate appealing to needs based on Maslow’s Hierarchy, or use positive or negative motivational appeals? Write a brief paragraph.



M13 Discussion: Persuasive Audience Analysis Survey Monkey

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Create a questionnaire with 2 fixed-alternative questions, 2 scale questions, and 2 open-ended questions related to the topic for your Persuasive Speech using Survey Monkey at (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. See the Guideline for Audience Analysis using Survey Monkey for detailed instructions.

Respond to this Discussion and post the link to your survey in the thread. Your link must be posted by WEDNESDAY of the week this module is due to allow time for your classmates to answer your survey.

Be sure to complete ALL of your classmates’ surveys. When you answer their questions, you will be doing so anonymously, so please be honest in your answers. Also, please be sure to answer in enough detail that he or she will have something to work with. Answer your classmates’ questions like you’re hoping they will answer yours.



M14 Discussion: Sample Speech – Dangers of Cell Phones

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Go to McGraw-Hill by clicking on the link on the left.  From the assignments on the front page select and watch the sample speech entitled “The Dangers of Cell Phones.” Then create a new thread and answer the following questions:

1. What specifically did this speaker do well? (list 3-5 things)

2. What specifically can this speaker improve upon for next time? (3-5 items)

3. Did the speaker use a coactive, combative or expressivistic approach to persuasion?

4. Give an example of at least 2 motivational appeals used by the speaker in her speech (needs, positive and negative motivational appeals).

5. Give at least 2 examples of methods of persuasion used in her speech (pathos, logos, ethos).

6. Were there any fallacies used? If so, list 2 and give the example from the speech.

Be sure to respond to at least 2 of your classmates.



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