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All discussion board assignments must include an original post in response to the discussion question and at least onepost in response to another student’s original post. All posts must be substantial, significant and thoughtful (not just “I agree”!) and you must include at least 2 (2) citations and appropriate references from relevant academically sound sources and only one reference of the two can be the text book. Citations and references must adhere to the latest APA format. Academically appropriate sources are peer reviewed journals, text books, conference proceedings, dissertations etc.They are NOT, Business Week, Wikipedia etc.

REMEMBER, this is a five point assignment and will be graded as such. Make sure that you provide appropriate detail and academic support for your arguments on discussion assignments as they represent 30% of your overall grade. In other words, this is an important part of your coursework so spend appropriate time and effort on them!

Questions are in BOLD! May you please respond to the student post also.

Why do you suppose the five categories of classroom training are so popular in HRD? Identify two types of training programs a manager might not want to conduct in using a classroom format.

The five categories of classroom training, lecture, discussion, audiovisual media, experiential methods and computer-based training (classroom-based) are so popular with HRD because multiple methods can be used in training to make it more interesting and effective. Everyone has different styles of learning and being able to combine different methods, allows everyone a good chance of understanding the material better. Two types of training programs a manager might not want to conduct in a classroom format are computer-based training because “on-line training systems are normally prepackaged and may not be tailored to a specific work environment” (Smith, 2017). According to Smith, when a worker cannot associate the material with their work environment, the value of the training is lost. Working for the Federal government, we are required to take several CBT’s every year and not all of it pertains directly to my job. I try to rush through the training as fast as I can and since the material is the same every year; it is easy to remember the answers from previous years. Although necessary for work, I often feel like it is a waste of my time when I could be working instead of taking training that really does not affect my job. The other type of training program that a manager might not want to use in a classroom format is outdoor education. Although outdoor education training often builds teamwork, it does not necessarily tie in with what the individual does at work and being outside can be very distracting. We had the opportunity to do the ropes training and it taught us as a team how to trust each other. We all learned a lot from outdoor education, but it really had nothing to do with the jobs we did back at the office. It taught us how to communicate better and showed us how different we were and how we could work together more effectively because we knew the strengths and weaknesses of one another. Trust me when you have to climb a 27-foot pole and jump off to a trapeze all while your coworkers are holding the rope to your harness trusting that they will not let you fall, you learn a lot about the people holding you and the others that are encouraging you.

Even though most HRD professionals agree that HRD evaluation is valuable, in your opinion what are the most important reasons why it isn’t practiced more frequently by organizations? How can these objections be overcome?

According to the text, HRD evaluation is defined as “the systematic collection of descriptive and judgmental information necessary to make effective training decisions related to the selection, adoption, value, and modification of various instructional activities” (Werner, 2017). HRD

evaluations should be an important factor in creating strategic goals for a company. Being able to determine that the training program is effective will help them to know if they should continue with the program or not. In my opinion, HRD evaluations are not practiced more frequently because of limited resources and time. It takes time to conduct an evaluation. Once a program is completed, trainees will have to implement the training that was learned, and it could be a few months before you can see results of whether it was effective. If the HR department does not have the expertise or the necessary tools to conduct these evaluations, then they will have to hire an outside company. It also costs money to have an evaluation done and most companies allocate money for training but not to evaluate the training once it is complete. If the company did their research before investing in a training program and felt that it was going to work, then most likely they will not invest the money to evaluate it afterward to see if it did work. Resources for HRD are normally limited and one of the first to be cut should the company need to cut on expenses. I think these can be overcome by the company realizing that “not all programs need to be evaluated to the same extent” (Werner, 2017) and that knowing the money they invested in a program is worth the amount and time they are spending for it. If employees know that the company is genuinely interested in what they learned, how it has affected them and how they will go back to their work and apply it, employees will understand the value of the training and they will be more motivated to implement what they learned.


Smith, S. P. (2017). Adult Learners: Effective Training Methods. Professional Safety, 62(12), 22-25.

Werner, J. M., (2017). Human Resource Development, Talent Management, Boston, MA; Cengage Learning. Seventh Edition


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