powerpoint presentation of empirical study

Hi….need a comprehensive powerpoint presentation (with visuals) of the empirical research paper


Your presentation should include highlights from your work in Weeks 2-6; this will help provide a foundational connection to your proposal for the viewer. After the literature and application highlights, your presentation should focus on your primary research proposal.

Treat this as you would a company presentation in which you are presenting your initial findings from the literature, and a proposal for primary research to better understand the OB issues in your industry/organization. Present the information in a manner that would excite peers in your industry to learn more about your proposed research.

Presentations should be 8-10 minutes long with a maximum length of 15 minutes.

Presentation Considerations

Length: 8-10 minutes

Speaking Points: You will follow the order of the deliverables listed below. A script is not required for submission, but it might be helpful to make speaking notes throughout your report to guide your presentation.

Visual Cues: It is helpful for your audience to have visual cues while you are speaking. You can accomplish this through Power Point or any other program by using the screen sharing feature in Zoom.


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