prepare and submit a paper on the importance of organization development.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the importance of organization development. For many years now organizations have mainly based on the job will be done but not how it will be done as a result there would be a very good progress inside the organization, however the organization strands high chances of being interfered politically . on the other hand several organizations have always been on the outlook of award single efforts made by an individual rather than rewarding the entire staff and the employees so that they can be united and motivated , this enhances teamwork in the organization. Basically for any manager to come out successful with the organization he or she should change and start treating workers or the employees in a very respective way and as a result, the employees will also handle customers in a very good way, these changes will eventually result into the positive growth of the company. Employees change on how they treat customers is an external change and for it to materialize there should be a change internally (Reese, 1995).

On the other hand, the change in performance in management model provides a clear balance on how this should be done and how they should be done3 in order to improve the workers performance ideally this practice has been successful in dealing with the management in terms of the operatic side of the business with the aim of getting maximum results. However, organization development is normally driven by the need for effective change in the organization but this change has to begin with a change of individuals within the organization. The problem-solving model should always be put into consideration and it should also focus on the future. Change in the entire organization is meant to bring out a difference both internally and externally. Internally change must start from the management staff, meaning that the managers should come up with appropriate ways of dealing with the employees in the organization. Generally, managers should lead by example which is about the creation of a very calm and conducive environment for both the employees and the customers, this will allow the organization to grow and reach its mission and vision.

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