Presentation Stable Angina (Due 24 hours)

1)  Minimum 12  slides with speaker notes- Do not use images. Use the speaker notes to provide substantial and objective informationDo not repeat the information on the slides in the speaker notes.2)¨******APA normsAll paragraphs must be narrative and cited in the text- each paragraphsBulleted responses are not acceptedDont write in the first personDont copy and pase the questions.Answer the question objectively, do not make introductions to your answers, answer it when you start the paragraph3)****************************** It will be verified by Turnitin (Identify the percentage of exact match of writing with any other resource on the internet and academic sources, including universities and data banks)********************************It will be verified by SafeAssign (Identify the percentage of similarity of writing with any other resource on the internet and academic sources, including universities and data banks)4) Minimum 5 references per part not older than 5 years5) Identify your answer with the numbers, according to the question.Example:Q 1. Nursing is XXXXXQ 2. Health is XXXX__________________________________________________________________________________Topic: Stable AnginaGender:MaleYears:48Dianosis:Stable anginaAccording to the case explain1. Explain what is stable angina2. List possible 3 differential diagnosis (1 reference per each one):a.  supportingd. excluding criteria.3. Labs or tests for stable angina4. Results what the NP should expect according to the case to diagnose Stable Angina, and explain why5. Medications typically prescribed for stable angina6. According to the case, list specific drugsa. Starting dosesb. Dose ranges,c. Precautions to keep in mind when prescribing these drugs.7. What are the outcomes expected or unexpected for this specific condition?a. What patient outcomes will trigger a referral?8. Patient education9. Provide patient teaching materials specific to control stable angina10. conclusion for the nurses accordin to the case


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