Project Part B

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Instructions for Project Part B: Please don’t used sample size or generalization as the issue.

Writing Your Letter to the Author of the Research Study Refer to document titled How to Write an APA-Style Letter for formatting of your letter.

1. APA formatting (2 points)

2. Focus on one major point. Give your letter more force by focusing on one issue and providing evidence for that issue. (1 point)

3. State the article you’re responding to. Orient the researchers as quickly as possibly by stating the name and date of the article and the specific issue in the study that you are responding to. You can do this in just one or two sentences. (1 point)
4. State your position. After you have stated the argument you are responding to, you should clearly state the position you are taking on the issue and why. Take this time to show why the issue is relevant and important but remember to be brief. (2 points)

5. Provide evidence. Now that you have stated your groups’s position on an issue, you need to back it up with facts. You need to show that your group has put thought into formulating your letter. Though your letter is short, providing a few key facts can make a big difference. Here are some ways to provide evidence: (2 points)

6• Use recent anecdotal evidence from your workplace. • Use statistics, data, or survey results.

7. Say what should be done. Once you have provided evidence for your group’s point of view, end the letter by saying what can be done to address the issue. Perhaps just raising awareness of the issue is enough, but there may be other things that the researchers can do to address the issue in the future (ex., recognizing and integrating your suggestions for future research). (2 points)

8. Have a simple closing. End with one sentence that summarizes your group’s point of view on the issue so the researchers have a clear reminder of your main message. (1 point)

9. Include a closing phrase and your name(s). At the very end of your letter, include a simple “Sincerely,” or “Best regards,” to finish your letter. Indicate your MSN student status since it is relevant to the issue addressed in your letter. (1 point)

Editing Your Letter:

1. Trim down your letter to avoid wordiness. Your letter should be short and concise: between 150 and 300 words long. (2 points) • Cut out extraneous phrases or flowery language. Be straight and to the point. This will help you cut down on your word count. • Eliminate phrases like “We think” and “We believe”. It’s apparent that the content of your letter is what you think and believe, so you don’t need to waste the words.

2. Be respectful and professional in tone. Even if you disagree with an issue, maintain a respectful tone instead of being angry or accusatory. Keep your tone formal and avoid slang or casual phrasing. Do not insult the researchers. Keep an even, unbiased attitude when writing your letter. (1 points

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