project time cost and scope management 3

Deliverable Length:

1200 Words APA Format

Assignment Objectives:

Acquire PM planning tools including the WBS, Network Diagramming, Earned Value Management, personnel/team management, and risk assessment and management.

Apply current estimating, budget planning, and cost controlling methods and tools available to develop the project plan.

Develop a project management plan that covers all project Knowledge Areas and Process Groups (initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling and closing and integration, scope, time management, cost, quality, risk, communications, human resources, procurement and contracting, and stakeholder management).

Explore the use of Earned Value Management (EVM) systems to monitor and control cost and schedule performance.

Assignment Details:

At times, a project manager must evaluate proposals from identified vendors and make decisions based on the project budget and schedule. It is essential to determine how the organization will determine the best response to the proposal’s individual vendors?

IRTC has asked you to evaluate the customer service add-on the vendor offered while still in negotiations for this project. The add-on will cost $25,000 and take an additional 4 weeks to install. Your manager has asked for your opinion. The project is tracking along according to schedule and budget.

What do you need to consider before saying yes or no? Prepare a memo for your manager outlining how either decision would affect the project and factors that need to be discussed and agreed to by various stakeholders involved in the project.

Assignment Guidelines:

  • In 1,200 words, address the following:
    • What do you need to consider before accepting or denying the vendor proposal? Explain.
    • How would your decision affect the overall project?
      • Consider budget, schedule, and resources.
    • What stakeholders would need to be involved in this decision-making process? Why?
    • What important factors would need to be discussed and agreed upon by the various stakeholders involved in the project? Explain.

Previous Assignments & Scenario will be Attached for Reference


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