protectionism barrier for the us and china

The first part is a 2-page position paper about a topic of your choice.

  • Submit it as a Word or pdf document. One to two pages. Times New Roman, font 12, single-spaced. If your file is not a Word or pdf, I might not be able to open it to grade, and you will get zero for your assignment. To submit, attach the file through the submission section. Do not write the assignment in the comments section. Do not share your Google docs.
  • You need to have References section to cite all the sources from which you extract information (This section is not counted into the 2 page requirement). Please use APA citation format:…
  • Make sure you submit it successfully (you can check under your Grades on BB).
  • Your work will be submitted through SafeAssign. SafeAssign checks your work against work available on the Internet as well as a database of student papers. This is plagiarismdetection tool and violations (more than 10%) will result in a significant reduction (at least 50%) in your grade of the assignment.
  • You cannot submit your paper in another class without revision because SafeAssign will flag you for plagiarism.

The second part is a Reflection Letter (one page following the first part above, Times New Roman, font 12, singled spaced). The Reflection Letter, addressing to your professor, is to reflect on what you have done and wish to do in your position paper. In your letter, please briefly answering following questions:

– What is your topic and where do you stand on that topic?

– List at least one strong and weak points of your paper

– What are the Economic concepts, theories or models that you use to support your arguments

– How do you want to improve your arguments in general? What do you need or wish to do in order to improve your argument in this paper?

– Name at least one new and interesting theory or concept that you have learnt in this Econ class (it does not matter whether you used it in your paper or not).

– Name at least one puzzling theory or concept that you have learnt in this Econ class.


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