Queer Studies

In a 1 to 3 page essay, discuss your first two assignments (uploaded files ) in light of more recent course material(uploaded files), clarifying what you might do differently now, in retrospect; then,  propose your final paper topic using the abstract form:

specify a topic;

specify the key scholars and secondary works that will inform your analysis of at least one primary work:(like Butterfly BoyNitrate Kisses, Watermelon Woman)(uploaded, informations in assignment 1(uploaded))

raise a research question;

propose a thesis or at least say what you will be exploring;

and say why your work matters or interests you.

Figure about a page or so for the reflection on past work, and a page or so proposing the new work.

Also, include a bibliography of 5 secondary sources for your final paper at the end of your document. Your final project bibliography should include at least three secondary sources from the course reading (i.e., Sullivan, Bennett, Foucault, Ramírez, Waugh, etc.) and if

Running head: QUEER POESIS ! 1

Queer poesis

Queer poesis especially lesbianism in the society has received lot of opposition, and

people do not want to associate with people who are heterosexuals. Lesbianism has indeed

received mixed reaction and in film making industry, those practicing lesbianism rarely access

the platform of acting. Therefore, they are discriminated. This work therefore evaluate some of

the techniques that have been used discriminate those practicing queer poesis. The paper will

compare and contract Nitrate Kisses and Watermelon Woman in their films.

In the nitrate kisses film, explores eroded as well as images for lost vestiges of gay and lesbian

culture as directed by Barbara Hammer. Hammer decides to put in context a forbidden and

invisible history of marginalized people through sexual activities of both lesbian and gay

couples. The society has indeed resisted association with gay and lesbian culture. People do not

want to even imagine that lesbian and gays existed in the society especially lesbian of color. In

filmmaking, they are denied to the opportunity in acting. According to Gever et al. (1993) the

audiences of the film expects heterosexual acts in the film and when they see the homosexual

acts like lesbianism, they are disappointed. The film industries have also refuted or even refused

to showcase lesbian or gay content. Those characters that act, as lesbian and gay do not receive

lot of length is the film. In fact, film companies like Hollywood do not perceive the content as

lesbianism. It is depicted far from the intentions of the actress or artists. . Barbara indicate that

lesbian cinema are indeed invisible on screen. It is quite difficult to see lesbian representation in

cinema. Moreover, they carried out in invisible lines throughout and heated by projector lamp.




Therefore, the audiences do not see the vivid real acts of lesbian and gay (Rich et al. 1993).

According to authors involved in production of homosexual content in early 1970s, they faced

lot of problems since there were no images for lesbians. They were even termed as feminists

semioticians with essential meaningless ideology. Through nitrate kisses film, the author is said

to be forcing people what they have for long time avoided. Moreover, there existed restriction

that censorship ruling had against lesbian and gay arts in cinema. It is quite clear that the study

depicts the problems faced by artists as well as directors in charge of homosexual content. The

society was not very interested in their content and Barbara for instance was in the move of

making history, which attracted the political resistance from the society across the world.

The watermelon film on the other hand was the first film to feature made by black woman. The

film receives lot of problems due to lesbianism content. Racism also comes in since it involves

the people of color. There is primary tension in the film since it involves intersection of race as

well as sexual orientation, politics as the movie addresses black-white lesbian relationship.

According to Cheryl Dunye the voices of black women had been missing from the dominant

cultural production and it is time at this century to address the elision. The content or the image

of black women has been coined to be harmful as well as inaccurate stereotyping. Stereotyping

has been as major technique to blow out lesbian content in film production. Additionally, they

have been termed as sexually deviant, which therefore goes against the norms of the society

since the society, which is largely occupied by heterosexuals. A large section of US community

do not confirm to sexual gratification, which involve use of objects. Therefore, they reject all

content that do not promote heterosexuals and therefore such lesbians content has not attracted




audience like other movie which involve heterosexual acts. Nevertheless, watermelon content

has attracted the curiosity of the audiences and according to Sullivan (2007), the watermelon

film does provoke the curiosity of the audiences and they find it simply fascinating as they

follow up when cheryl as deterctive looks for clues regarding the unknown black actress. The

actress indicate that there has been discrimination of black women for long time since their

stories have never been told. The voices of black women has been absent especially in the

dominant cultural production of content especially text and film. In fact, prominent film

production companies like Hollywood have depicted black women as domestic servant and

recently as welfare mothers. Therefore, black women in the film has always been assigned

insignificant role and the main reason for such practice is discrimination and negative

stereotyping. The discrimination and form of hatred has even made the producers to even ignore

listing of black women in the credits. Racism ha really led to demeaning and devaluing of black

women in the filmmaking industry (Sullivan, 2000).

Additionally, Sullivan claim that black lesbian women have not been active in the production

since they have been denied equal chance of participating in the mainstream media. According to

Jewell Gomez, black lesbians are few visible group in both fine arts and popular media and to

make matter worse lesbian of color should not even exist. Black women involved in homosexual

rarely receive the chance to appear before camera.

In conclusion, women have really been discriminated in the society for long and despite the

milestone they have made in fighting for equity, equality and freedom; the film industry has not

yet accepted women role participation fully. Additionally, the practice of homosexuality




especially lesbianism has really been rejected by not only those involved in production of film

but also the audiences. The black females are the most affected and the women spearheading the

production of lesbianism have been criticized and termed as feminist seek for political






Rich, B. R., Gever, M., Parmar, P., & Greyson, J. (1993). Queer Looks: Perspectives on Lesbian

and Gay Film and Video.

Sullivan, L. L. (2000). Chasing Fae: The Watermelon Woman and Black Lesbian

Possibility. Callaloo, 23(1), 448-460.

possible, 2 additional peer-reviewed scholarly sources (which you can find using the library’s databases).

Your final paper will need to cite 3 course readings and at least 2 outside scholarly sources, so use this assignment to draft the research framework for your final paper.


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