read 4 essays and write 2 3 things you learned 1

For this discussion, you will reflect on what you learned from reviewing the student sample Comparative Rhetorical Analysis “A” Essays. Remember that the samples are on a different topic (Aliens) than the one you are writing about (Graphic Novels and Comic Books), so you will focus on things like organization, examples, analysis, etc., not content (the topic of aliens). Identify 2-3 things you learned about writing this type of essay for EACH of the 4 samples. Be sure to label which things you learned came from which student sample, and you may use bullet points or numbering since this can help your readers navigate your post more easily.

So you pretty much read the 4 essays that are attached below and write 2-3 things you learned, not the content but the way the essay is written. Hope that makes sense


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