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Part 1
Read the below articles on “Reading Law Cases/Codes” . Then state three (3) things you did not know about reading law cases/codes, and how you will improve your understanding of law cases/codes.
Reading Law Cases/Codes

Part 2
This assignment consists of inventing a product and drafting a contract to sell the product, can be an app. In order to get you started on thinking about your product I thought it would be fun to have you experiment on what the product (or app) might be. You can change your product later, no worries.
For this assignment, please do the following:
1. Using your own, very creative imaginations, to create a product. Make it as inventive as possible. It does not have to be either “practical or profitable”.
2. Now post your product in this discussion forum. Say how you decided upon it, why it might be useful, successful, popular, etc.
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