reading response 241

For this Reading Response, respond to following prompts in 2 page

For many years, having to write in standard English made writing feel “mechanical” to Barbara Mellix, and she says she felt “separate from the language” (paragraphs 16 & 20). Do you feel like your spoken, home, or social English is the same as the kind of English you are expected to use in school and workplace writing? If not, do you think that has an impact on your writing, as it did on Mellix’s writing? Is there anything about your home/social and spoken language(s) that you feel you have to “shut out” when you write? Explain. (prompt is from Writing About Writing, 3rd edition, Wardle and Downs).

Your grade on this paper will consider the following:

____ (1) Does the paper clearly and thoroughly address one of the above prompts, even if such thoroughness requires you to exceed the minimum development requirement?

____ (2) Have you submitted the paper on time? Assignments will be accepted late, up to a point, but with a late penalty — NO EXCEPTIONS since you can also submit early if you wish — see below for more specifics;

_____ (3) Is the paper at least 500 words of text, not including the title, name information, and Works Cited page (but it can be more); 

_____ (4) Does the paper illustrate a strong grasp of the grammar, punctuation, and spelling expectations of a 3000-level college course? 

_____ (5) Is the paper formatted according to 8th edition MLA guidelines? This means checking your format in three places: the general paper format (e.g. header, title, spacing, font, etc.); in-text citations, which are expected for an assignment that makes reference to sources, as this one does; and a Works Cited list, which is required any time you have in-text citations. If you prefer to use APA or another style sheet, you may, but please identify which style you are using in a comment that accompanies this paper submission in D2L.


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