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formulate a list of potential research questions on the topic of EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION. A question YOU want to explore and answer within the context of our topic (effective communication).

(Here’s my possible research questions, but you can create your own too)

  • What is effective communication and why it’s important in human life?
  • Why and when do we need it to communicate effectively?
  • How can we communicate more effectively?
  • What are the greatest challenges to good communication?
  • How to demonstrate effective communication?
  • What is the role of non-violent communication concepts in establishing good communication?
  • What are some of examples of effective communication?
  • How to communicate effectively in different environments?
  • How important is listening in order to have an effective and good communication?
  • How to improve communication by using the 4 NVC process or concept?
  • What are the impacts of emotion and feelings in communication?
  • What are some strategies to establish effective communication?

Writing Proposal/Abstract : For this initial part of the assignment, you will produce a thoughtful thesis statement as the result of your research questions and tentative conclusion(s).

Remember that you will probably modify your thesis… your research and writing will help to guide your ideas. Your proposal will be a page long and should:

1. Detail what you hope to accomplish in your paper, outline the major themes, and identify the critical lens you propose to use. This is the “blurb” that describes your paper for your reader/audience.

2. Be sure to have a clear identifiable thesis. You will want to take a strong position on your topic… “The Pros and Cons of Using Empathy” is not sufficient. Rather, you should take a position on something; your starting point is a conclusion that you have drawn from your research. Please ask your peers, a tutor (in 205!), and your instructor if you are unsure of how to do this.

3. The proposal is not a contract. Your topic will and should change as your progress through your research journey. You will receive feedback on the appropriateness of your topic, whether the scale of the project is workable, and other practical matters.

4. Include an annotated bibliography. I am anticipating your annotated bibliography may have changed a bit from the last module with the addition of our questions and narrowing of your focus. Please follow correct MLA formatting as appropriate. Please provide at least three sentences of description for at least five sources. Make certain your sources are CREDIBLE, and that you are using a variety of source material.

Note: Our topic was about effective communication along with nonviolent communication by Marshall Rosenberg and Emotional Intellegence by Daniel Goleman.

I attached some annotated bibliography here from last assignment which is also part of this current assignment.


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