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You just basically responding to the student of what you felt compelling and enlightening

Student paper down below:

One of the most compelling topics for me was the diversion-oriented vs. punitive system for juveniles. It has been my passion to work with youth, especially youth who are often marginalized, oppressed and display at risk behaviors. I truly believe that juvenile delinquency cannot be solved by locking youth up under undesirable conditions, that offer no form of rehabilitative support. I have found through the research for that particular assignment, coupled with my personal experience through work, that all youth just need someone that will take the time to listen, show support and guide them on the right path. After all, the old saying goes, the more you tell them no, the more they are going to do it. So, in turn youth will continue to push them into delinquent behavior or to continue to recidivate. I also found that through this course I gained a much better understanding of how the overall court system works, to include understanding that the very city and state that I reside in is the biggest court system in the country.

Participating in the discussion allowed for a better understanding of how fellow classmates perceive the system and how the system works. I appreciated reading the thought-provoking discussion posts and receiving ample, constructive and kind critique. Everyone was respectful and offered more to the discussion that I have honestly encountered in past courses. It was great getting to be in a class with such wonderfully diverse people.

I believe I say this in most courses, and I do understand that it is hard to do hands on, outing type of assignments when you study online, but for me I love to be hands on and see how things work face to face. I think it would be interesting if there were an assignment where you had to go into a court or juvenile facility and write about the experience.

Overall, I learned a great deal and appreciate the support from fellow classmates and professor Johnson.

Good luck everyone! Keep pushing forward!!


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