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Hello all! Raymonda’s here. It is so nice to be in class with everyone again, I hope all is well with you and your families. I survived my second semester, with praises to my most high. I am a PMHNP APRN student and have started my first clinical course Psychiatric Management I: Psychopathology and the DSM V, alongside this one. I am doing my first clinical rotation at the lovely David Lawrence Center in Naples, FL. I had orientation there this morning and got to meet a lot of people that I will be collaborating with while servicing the community. I hope this experience is very fruitful and fulfilling! While continuing my studies I will be working on building my business so that I am ready to expand my services offered when applicable. Given the amount of work and research that I need to do, I see playing Red Dead Redemption 2, hanging out with my loved ones, and traveling will have to be paused for now.

My philosophy of nursing is simple and pure, be joyful in caring for those who need help caring for themselves. The word ‘care’ is attached to many roles that are vital in an individual’s life. These roles include spouse, lover, best friend, parent, child, teacher, preacher, and mentor. If you are the type of person that struggles with doing something for another person wholeheartedly, then nursing is not for you. Nursing is not for the weak or easily intimidated. Nursing is for the soft and kind persons that do not mind putting the well-being of a complete stranger before themselves. A beautiful thing about the philosophy of nursing is that it could never be just one thing (Bender & Mantzoukas, 2022). Nursing’s foundation covers a mass that cannot be seen with the eyes nor the mind, it has to be seen with the heart. It has to be felt with the heart and displayed by the heart. As I learn more about mental health, and myself for that matter, I can boil the philosophy of nursing down to a few things. Respecting an individual’s way of life and the self-realization of their present situation, the relationship between the view of one’s life and their choice of work, and help change communities where the people support one another beyond their selected roles (Tanaka et al., 2018). It is no wonder why nursing is called a science. Nursing is emergent, and the understanding of human life processes is open-ended and subject to change (Walker, 2020).


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