rewrite lab report (paraphrase)

The link attached below is the lab report. In addition, the attached file is the rubric that the work in the paper is based on, while you paraphrase, please check and see if the work meets the rubric requirements, if not, please try to meet them . The required is to paraphrase and rewrite the lab report using the same numbers and the same content with the same style and format including the tables and figures with the captions written below them or above them. Moreover, find other two sources beside the one mentioned in the paper, in total 3 sources. make an in text citation replacing the number of the source instead of the writer name ( ex: [1] Last Name, First Initial. “Article title”. Year. Volume (Edition). Pages. Journal Title) use this form to make a reference in the work cited page. and for the in-text, just use the number you listed the source with (1,2,3). also, There is an example paper attached for the formatting (guidline), view it and compare it to this paper. In order to access the paper you are going to need this username: halsowaidi, password: Humaid1234.…



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