see attached 25

1. What is the average bounce rate for the entire website?

2. How many people are on the website right now (live data) and what source drove the most live


3. What information can you glean about new vs returning customers. What percentage of visitors are

returning visitors to the site, as opposed to new visitors?

4. What recommendation can you offer Google based on the metric “users by time of day”?

5. Which social media platform was most profitable (either in terms of revenue generation or


6. Compare and contrast the differences between Apple iphone users and Google Pixel 3 users in terms

of Acqisition, Behavior and Conversions?

7. What search query, aside from (not set), drove the most traffic to the site?

8. What can you comment about the Google Merchandise Store’s Google Adwords Campaign strategy?

Do you think they are doing a good job? Why or why not?

9. Looking at the Behavior Flow diagram, which product category is the most and least profitable for the

company? What differences do you see between these two product categories? (make sure to change

the drop down menu on top to “Product Categories”)?

10. How do users from New Jersey differ from users from California with respect to Acqisition, Behavior

and Conversions?


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