short story 19

Paper #1: The Art of Fiction

Read the following sections in Backpack Literature:

— Reading a story

— Writing effectively

— Thinking about plot

— Checklist: Writing about plot

Select and read one of the following works of fiction: Sufi Legend; Aesop, “The North Wind and the Sun;” John Updike, “A&P;” Edgar Allan Poe, “The Tell-Tale Heart;” Jamaica Kincaid, “Girl.” These are in your text, and in addition, most are available on the Internet.

Write a 500 – 750-word essay that responds to the following questions: (Here is an example of a first draft: click on SAMPLE-writing-about-updike-AP-nash.docxPreview the document).

  1. What is the name of the story? The author? Year published?
  2. What is the story about? (short paragraph)
  3. Who is the main character and what are the main qualities?
  4. Are there any repeated elements? Colors? Words? Concepts? Locations? Objects? What does it make you think?
  5. What kind of mood does the story evoke?
  6. How does the story relate to a personal experience that you’ve had?
  7. If you were to update the story for today’s world, what would you do?

Discussion 1: Short fiction

Which short story did you choose to write about? Why? What was it that appealed to you? Did it trigger any memories of experiences or other works of literature or film? Please describe. (75 – 150 words for your first post, please respond to 2 other posts (25 – 50 words)).


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