Solving a Problem in Your Community

This week, you will begin to create an annotated bibliography for the Solving a Problem in Your community course project. In addition to the source you identified in the Week 3 discussion, you will find four additional scholarly or academic sources (you will begin this process this week and continue building your resource collection next week), for a total of five. These sources will be the building blocks for your essay, so be sure to spend time searching for sources, reading critically, and evaluating the relevance of each source.

For each source, provide the following.

    The APA style reference
    A one-paragraph summary of the relevant sections of the article written in your own words
    A one-paragraph assessment of its overall quality and relevance to your essay topic

To help make sure your document is properly formatted and meets all assignment requirements, please refer to the Annotated Bibliography Template (Links to an external site.) and Sample Annotated Bibliography (Links to an external site.). In addition, this week’s lesson and assigned reading will help you to identify and evaluate high-quality, relevant sources.


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