study plan

To PrepareReflect on your practice exam question results from Week 2. Identify content-area strengths and opportunities for improvement.Also reflect on your overall test taking. Was the length of time  allotted comfortable, or did you run out of time? Did a particular  question format prove difficult?The AssignmentBased on your practice test question results, and considering the  national certification exam, summarize your strengths and opportunities  for improvement. Note: Your grade for this Assignment will not be derived from your test results but from your self-reflection and study plan.Create a study plan for this quarter to prepare for the  certification exam, including three or four SMART goals and the tasks  you need to complete to accomplish each goal. Include a timetable for  accomplishing them and a description of how you will measure your  progress.Describe resources you would use to accomplish your goals and tasks,  such as ways to participate in a study group or review course,  mnemonics and other mental strategies, and print or online resources you  could use to study.


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