successful dieter now

The term ‘DIET’ technically means the foods and beverages you consume. Therefore, we all have a diet, which is long-term. However, DIET is more commonly thought of as some sort of eating plan designed for weight loss – hence the phrase “I am ON a diet” implying that at some point I will be OFF that diet. This mindset does not support long term weight maintenance very well.

(1) Read about the National Weight Control Registry on page 381 of your text book. Choose 1-2 of the bullet points and discuss/ elaborate on how you feel this behavior helps with weight loss or weight management.

(2) Genetics and environment can also play a role in someone’s weight which may lead to obesity or being underweight. Discuss one example of each factor (one genetic and one environmental) and how it can affect the weight of an individual. If you wish, you may use factors which affect your own weight. Note you may wish to consider environmental factors which influence the behavior(s) you discussed in (1.) 



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