The future of Social Media and Marketing for Businesses

The future of Social Media and Marketing for Businesses

Right now it is more important than ever for companies in every industry to integrate social media into their business practices. Social media has gained vast popularity and it isn’t going to disappear. Research shows that approximately 42 percent of the world’s population has at least one social media account. Businesses need to be up to date with the upcoming trends on social media platforms to increase their business opportunities. Brands need to be aware of the following social media strategies that will transform business in the future.

Videos have been determined as a growing strategy that performs very well on social media. People on social media would rather watch a short video clip of your brand than reading paragraphs of text. Videos have also been established to create a long lasting impression. Videos are a significant part of the future of social media in business. Videos also personalize the user experience and help the brand to connect with their consumers on a more personal level. They also form an excellent channel to communicate a brand’s message creatively and interactively. Videos are also known to grow at a prodigious pace through sharing and broadcasting. In the use of videos, it is important to evaluate which platforms give better results than others.

Businesses in the future need to make sure that they are more interactive than ever. Chatbots are going to be an integral part of the future of social media technology. Chatbots will enable companies to send messages to visitors of their sites promptly asking them if they need any help. Social media platforms such as facebook messenger have introduced chatting bots. These chatbots will enable businesses to sell customers their products, inform them of upcoming sales, survey them and also send them lists of their contents. Chatbots are just in their early stages but they are certainly going to be a game changer in social media marketing.

Another way that companies can utilize social media marketing is through the use of endorsements. Endorsements enable businesses to get a well-known personality to promote their brand. These celebrities will move to their social media accounts and endorse a business’s products or services on their social media platforms. When using celebrities research has shown that businesses will likely experience higher sales when they sponsor an individual with smaller but notable audiences. Brands can also use another group of people known as influencers. Influencers attract a more consistent following than celebrities. Influencers are able to push a brand to a much more relevant audience.




The post The future of Social Media and Marketing for Businesses appeared first on Term Paper Tutors.

The post The future of Social Media and Marketing for Businesses first appeared on Term Paper Tutors.


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