Thomas Edison State College Composition of Earth Paper

Answer the questions below.

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  1. Summarize advances over time in determining the age of the Earth, including the importance of the discovery of radioactivity.
  2. What makes Earth a habitable, relatively stable environment within which we exist and survive? Review the early development of the solar system, including the Big Bang theory, to support your answer.
  3. Alfred Wegener was a polar explorer and visionary. Describe how his early work was viewed with skepticism and how ultimately his theory on continental drift was proven. What kinds of evidence did Wegener rely on to substantiate his continental drift hypotheses (Pangaea)?
  4. Explain how seismic tomography has been used to show what is actually happening on Earth. Include in your answer a discussion of plate tectonics and seafloor spreading.
  5. Explain how the laws of thermodynamics determine the motions that result in the formation of mountains and oceans.

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