Title:Dedicated equipment and techniques fordigital X-ray mammography – GradSchoolPapers.com

Title:Dedicated equipment and techniques fordigital X-ray mammography
How does X-ray equipment and radiographic practice for mammography differ to that used in general radiography? You should discuss equipment issues (such as the X- ray tube (e.g. filament size, anode, focal spot size), generator, beam filtration, collimation, image receptors, X-ray tube/image receptor stand) and radiographic technique. For each adaption for mammography, you should describe the difference to general X-ray systems, and explain why and how the adaption provides an advantage for mammographic imaging.
Word limit: 2500 words, including tables and figure captions, excluding references and front page/cover material. You are allowed a maximum of figures.
1. Reference all your sources, including diagrams.
2. Peer reviewed scientific publications must be used to support your arguments where appropriate (do not use website, and reference everything and make sure that I will revise the information and the sources, so please make sure that you use information from the sources you provide)
3. Combining information from a range of sources into a coherent argument is essential.
4. Use numbered sub headings to aid structure and clarity.
5. Do not make your diagrams too small.
6. Use Harvard reference style
7. In text citation for example (mammography has small focal spot size to increase image sharpness (kim, 2015)), do not use citation at the beginning of the sentences.
8. Plagiarism free.
9. 10 sources.


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