Topic: Physiotherapy rehabilitation clinic Mini Business Plan

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This is an individual assignment.
Follow the instructions to complete this assignment. You will write a Mini Business Plan incorporating information you have learned in this course about improving access, controlling costs, and measuring and improving quality of care. This plan could be to improve your current practice, open a new business or develop a niche market for your services. The following information must be included and the entire paper must be written in APA 6th edition formatting:
• Cover page
• Introduction—why is this business (or improvement to existing business) needed?
• Description of the business
• SWOT analysis (you can include this in narrative or table format; if you use a table, label and format according to APA guidelines)
• Summary of organizational plan – this includes personnel and management structure
• Specific ways that you believe this business will improve access to care, control costs and improve quality of care –this should be the bulk of the plan and should incorporate discussion of peer-reviewed journal articles to reinforce your discussion
• Conclusion
NOTE: This paper should be no more than 10 pages (excluding title and reference pages). A minimum of seven articles from peer-reviewed professional journals must be cited for this paper. These articles cannot be older than ten years (no articles published before 2005) unless they are landmark articles that give a specific perspective that has not been reported in the literature since. You must request permission from the instructor to utilize any article older than 2005.
Books, book chapters, or Internet sites are not considered peer-reviewed professional journals and cannot be included in the seven required articles. They can be cited and used as aIDitional references above and beyond that the seven peer-reviewed professional journal articles.


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