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“How are the public health needs of the population you are examining being aIDress by the strategies being followed by the local council.” (Eastham Borough and diabetes)
For this assessment you will be required to interview a public health lead / consultant to give an account of how her/his work and objectives reflect the particular public health needs of the area. The main part of your assessment will show that you understand the public health needs and the strategies of the area in which you carried out your data collection. You will need to drawn on local population data and the “Joint Strategic Needs Assessment” for the area.
Your work within the Hubs in Newham will allow you to gather information about the local public health community needs. This information will be collected from the Hub Managers and local policies and reports which you will drawn upon. Attention will be drawn to particular public health needs and any policies aimed at these. You will also be able to draw on the more general discussions lead by public health consultants from surrounding areas who will have presented to you in class.


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